Announcing Gitonium Beta!🎉

As I wrote in my previous newsletter, I would ship what I have. So today, I’m releasing the Gitonium TestFlight version. I have yet to attack the merging part, so thus far, the app is focused on browsing and committing. I have added AI-powered automatic commit message suggestions, making it as effortless as possible to commit your changes.

Is this you?

A screenshot of lots of WIP commit messages
If you've ever struggled to write proper commit messages, you'll recognise this.

By not doing anything except staging your changes and letting Gitonium suggest a message, your commits can look like this, and you can keep focusing on the code.

A screenshot of lots of well written, proffessionally looking commit messages
By doing nothing at all, your commit messages could look like this instead.

I will keep improving the commit experience before I move on to tackling merge conflicts. Here’s a gif of what it looks like from a recent tweet of mine.

Anyway, if you would like to test Gitonium, you can install it from TestFlight using this link: Update: Gitonium is now on the App Store

and I appreciate any suggestions you may have on how I can improve it.


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