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It’s time for an update on Gitonium. In the previous issue, I wrote that the merge functionality needed some work before being ready for testing. Well, I’m happy to say that it’s ready now. Want to hear me pitch it? Okay, let’s go!

Have you ever needed to merge a long-living feature into the main repository? You may have been working on a new feature for a long time, and now it’s time to integrate it with the Main branch. While you were off coding on your part, someone else may have changed some code in the same places as you, or perhaps they did some refactoring and removed a function that you had modified on your branch.

​It could be even worse, too: you’re merging branches that other developers on the team have worked on. You have to understand both sides of every conflict to solve this safely. You need to know who changed what, when, and why. Git knows, but it isn’t helping. Gitonium makes it easy.

The purpose of Gitonium is to give you complete situational awareness when merging code. You’ll step through the merge process, conflict by conflict, in a focused manner. Gitonium shows you the conflicting code and every Commit leading up to it on either side, starting from where the conflicting file diverged, letting you see who changed it, when, and why.

Gitonium saves you time, so you can merge your code and continue your day. You have more creative things to do, like actually building something. Be done with the administrative busywork and get back to making stuff.

An animated gif showing how to resolve a merge conflict in Gitonium
How to resolve a merge conflict in Gitonium

​I feel like I’m getting near the point where I could ship this now.

I’m already using it myself, which was my goal when I started making it. To quote from my first newsletter:

This project will succeed because my only definition of failure would be if I end up not using the app myself.

So what’s the matter, McFly? If you already use it, why not just put it in the App Store?

I guess I’m scared to. 🥺

A picture of Griff Tannen.
What's the matter, McFly?

How to test Gitonium

If you haven’t already, you can install the latest Gitonium Beta using this TestFlight link. Please keep suggesting things to improve.


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