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Hello Git Enthusiasts!

I hope this post finds you in high spirits and ready for exciting news! Your valuable input has been crucial in shaping and enhancing the git experience, and for that, I am genuinely grateful. ❤️ Today, I am thrilled to announce the latest Gitonium TestFlight update, which brings a significant performance boost and introduces a new feature near and dear to my personal Git workflow: Line-by-line staging.

When junior developers push their work in Git, they’ve often committed the whole class in one go. I’ll review the code, asking them, “Hey, how come you added this empty line?” or “Why did you add this white space?”

And they’ll be like - “Oh, I didn’t notice that I did that.”

How line-by-line staging can help In the commit staging phase, I clean up and compose my work into concise and legible pieces. It’s where I clean up the work and put a bow on it.🎀 If I’ve changed two things in a class, and they are not related, then I won’t be committing both simultaneously.

Line-by-line staging goes hand in hand with the feature I developed in the previous Gitonium beta: hunk-by-hunk staging. These two features allow me to surgically pick only the exact changes related to each other and filter out any unrelated or incidental changes that had snuck in while I was developing and debugging a feature.

Let me illustrate this with a screenshot:

A screenshot of unstaging single lines in Gitonium
Here I'm removing some lines that I don't want to have as part of my commit.

Here I have already staged the file, and then I go through the changes, unstaging any line that has changes that I don’t want to keep. Ultimately, I have a clean and concise commit that is easy to understand and review.

The cherry on top is that when I’m ready to click the “Commit” button, Gitonium even writes the commit message for me! 👑

How to test Gitonium

If you haven’t already, you can install the latest Gitonium Beta using this TestFlight link: Update: Gitonium is now on the App Store

I hope you like this update, and please keep suggesting things for me to improve.

Thanks for following along!


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